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Who Are We?

Recovery In Progress, LLC is a licensed residential facility for mental health and substance abuse services in the state of Arizona. We specialize in co-occurring diagnoses, addiction recovery, and life skills education.


We are not only a licensed behavior facility for adults we provide an All-Inclusive service aimed at whole-person recovery. Our specialties include housing, treatment and recovery plans, employment services, and family reunification programs which aim at meeting the needs of parents to regain custodial rights of their children.

Our multidisciplinary approach addresses all areas of mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse, treatment, and recovery needs through individualized and group sessions with certified nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed substance therapists, BHTs, Employment specialists, recovery coaches, and mentors.

Our mental health experts develop specialized treatment programs to meet all court orders. We have immediate placement services with our team. Call us we operate 24-hours a day, 7days a week.

We are open today

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Our team will work with residents for 90 days or longer.  We will support those individuals within our care with  resources for permanent housing, improved living/social skills through groups, monitor medications, as well as provide transportation as needed.

Each custom designed plan will assist each member with a absolute transformation into the community.  Our targeted groups are those who are homeless or recently discharged from any of the following; hospitals, rehab facilities, shelters, or jail.

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